UNCDF and VisionFund Myanmar

As part of Financial Inclusion Week 2017, almost 200 attendees joined the UNCDF and VisionFund Myanmar for an online event to discuss the question: 'What's Next for Microfinance in Myanmar?'

Paul Luchtenburg, Country Coordinator for UNCDF in Myanmar, provided a comprehensive overview of the context in country, including a succinct description of how its history has influenced the state of the sector today. Rommel Caringal, CEO of VisionFund Myanmar, then drew upon his experience leading the second-largest MFI in country to describe how the institution is serving over 160,000 clients and what he sees as the way forward for the industry.

A recording of the webinar can be streamed via this link. The slides are available for download here.
If you have any follow up questions or requests please contact Sophie Hoult from VisionFund International sophie_hoult@wvi.org