*All public and online events are marked by an asterisk.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation hosted a blog series featuring insights from companies that are exploring how behavioral insights can drive financial inclusion and innovation. 

Good Shepherd Microfinance; Queensland, Australia
Good Shepherd Microfinance visited partner organisations and remote communities around Cairns in Far North Queensland to hear about the impacts for people and communities of our No Interest Loan Scheme.

Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Online Event
To mark Financial Inclusion week, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women challenged participants to test their financial literacy skills.  The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women has published a short e-learning video from their bespoke financial literacy training curriculum, developed as part of their Road to Women’s Business Growth project in Nigeria. The initiative supported 500 women entrepreneurs to boost their financial literacy skills and enhance their access to capital. Take the quiz today and challenge others to join you.

ESAF Microfinance; Thrissur, Kerala, India
ESAF Microfinance organized a field exposure program called “A Day with the Loan Officer” for all department heads and head office staff. These high level staff members will visit clients to better understand how effectively they can deliver their services to the clients. 

Sunday, October 16

New Faces New Voices – 10am (4am EST); Lusaka, Zambia
New Faces New Voices hosted a networking meeting aimed at bringing women into the agribusiness value chain.  The meeting will explore the following questions: How can women access funds to contribute to this process which offers a guaranteed market? How can digital finance be a big player in this scenario?

Monday, October 17

VICOBA Sustainable Development Agency – 9am (2am EST); Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
A group of 150 VICOBA coordinators conducted a seminar to share and find more strategies to implement financial inclusion.

Opportunity International Savings and Loans Limited – 9am (5am EST); Accra/Kumasi/Tamale, Ghana
This client forum of group leaders, community organizers, disabled clients, and street porters explored how clients can leverage technology to transact business at minimal cost.

NRDS Bangladesh – 2pm (4am EST); Noakhali, Bangladesh
NRDS Bangladesh held a seminar focused on the experiences of lending to marginalised farmers, artisans and extremely poor families for small enterprise development.

* Financial Inclusion Forum; 4-7pm (11am-2pm EST); London, UK
Financial Inclusion Forum organized a gathering of industry stakeholders to discuss “Progress and Future of Financial Inclusion,” hosted by EBRD in London. About 250 participants gathered to hear from speakers and panelists from leading industry organizations, including GSMA, Leapfrog Labs, VisionFund, and CFSI.

Tuesday, October 18

Janautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Limited; 11am (1:15am EST); Butwal, Rupandehi, Nepal
Janautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Limited organized a seminar at Butwal-11, Rupandehi, Nepal to discuss the topic of ‘financial literacy and the role of digital media”.   The seminar will include 80 clients, with a special focus on women clients.

* Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) – 4:00pm CAT (10:00am EST), online
DFI hosted a webinar focused on ‘People’s financial coping mechanisms’ and how the digital environment effects this.  During the webinar, a video on the topic will be shared and Ignacio Mas will present and lead a discussion. Register for the webinar here.

* ADA - Appui au Développement Autonome; 6:30-8:30pm (12:30-2:30pm EST); Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
 ADA invited James Onyutta (CEO of Musoni, Nairobi) & Devyani Parameshwar (Principal Product Development Manager of Vodafone/ M-PESA, London) to discuss the benefits and the risks for the clients and the MFI’s with the digitalization of their services during the 36th Midi de la microfinance et de l’inclusion financière, entitled “Mobile banking and microfinance: What about the clients?”. Register to attend the event or watch online here

In the evening, ADA launched its Digital Financial Inclusive Initiative during an exclusive event with several international speakers at the Casino - Forum d'art contemporain in Luxembourg.

The Harvard Kennedy School ‘s Business and Government PIC–Fintech Committee; Cambridge, MA, United States; 3:00pm EST
The HKS Business and Government PIC - Fintech Committee hosted a fireside chat with David Porteous to explore the role fintech can play in development, and which regions are currently hotbeds for fintech innovations.

Wednesday, October 19

BRAC –  Dhaka, Bangladesh
BRAC showcased the use of technology within microfinance at Digital World 2016 and will also conduct field visits with the chairman and vice-chairman of Bangladesh's microcredit regulatory authority.

* VisionFund International; 9am and 5pm GMT (5am and 1pm EST); online webinar
VisionFund International hosted a webinar to discuss how it uses technology to lend to smallholder farmers at the right level, and at the right time.  The panel will explore the challenges of bringing digital financial services to the poor. Click here for more details and to register for the webinar.

Good Shepherd Microfinance; Brisbane, Australia
Good Shepherd Microfinance hosted the annual training and networking event for microfinance workers from across the state of Queensland, focused on the theme of ‘putting the client first’. (This event will continue into Thursday, October 20)

ADA - Appui au Développement Autonome; 8:30 am - 5:30 pm (2:30 am - 11:30 am EST); Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
For the third year, ADA organized its Academic Symposium at the European Investment Bank. The four sessions under the theme of “Financial inclusion in the digital age” will attempt to answer some of the questions that the new technologies raise, such as the potential financial, operational and customer risks involved, the role of regulation to promote an enabling ecosystem, the emergence of new tools for the professionalization of the sector, and the different collaboration models that can be set up between the new and existing market players.

USAID's mSTAR project implemented by FHI 360; 9:30am EST; Dhaka, Bangladesh
USAID’s mSTAR project implemented by FHI 360 convened an interactive workshop to discuss how a client-centric approach could lead to uptake of formal financial services in Bangladesh. You can find a full agenda of the here.

Afrigrants Resources, Ltd.; 10am (5am EST); Nigeria
Afrigrants convened representatives (approx. 100) of market women's associations, women farmersfarmers’ cooperatives, and other women's associations to inform them about the 'Market Women's Women's Quick Cash' program and how they can access it within and through their different respective organizations.

GGEM Microfinance Services, Ltd.; 10am (6am EST); Freetown, Sierra Leone
In Freetown, Sierra Leone, 30 participants from the financial sector, Government, clients and customers, with the Sierra Leone Association of Micro Finance Institutions (SLAMFI) taking the lead, participated in a roundtable event to discuss how the sector will impact the country in the next three years.

* Orb Media; 11am EST; online
Orb Media held a twitter chat based on the outcomes of their research on financial inclusion and financial shock in Cambodia, Myanmar, Brazil, and the US.

The Smart Campaign, the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI); 1-4pm (7-10am EST); Kigali, Rwanda
The Smart Campaign led a session in Kigali, Rwanda titled "Digital Credit and Client Protection: Big Questions Raised by Tiny Loans".  The session will explore the specific client protections risks involved with small or nano-loans.

Thursday, October 20

Nepal Bankers' Association; TBD; Kathmandu, Nepal
In Kathmandu, Nepal, the Nepal Bankers' Association gathered CEOs of microfinance institutions of Nepal and other key stakeholders, primarily bankers, in a seminar to discuss how we can work together to make more inclusive financial institutions.

ESAF Microfinance; Thrissur, Kerala, India; 11:00 am (1:30 am EST)
EFAC Microfinance organized a panel discussion with some of the lead financial service providers in the state of Kerala to deliberate on the contribution of these FSPs towards financial Inclusion. This will be followed by an open discussion. 

Mydigitalbridge Foundation; Windhoek, Namibia
Mydigitalbridge Foundation hosted a discussion forum comprised of diverse stakeholders to explore possibilities to bridge the financial services divide for those under- and un served. The discussion will explore challenges to financial inclusion as well as low cost, tech innovations that can facilitate services to the unserved. The discussion will also reflect on the regulatory framework to assess what steps have been taken to facilitate financial inclusion. 

Financial Sector Deepening Mozambique; Maputo, Mozambique
Financial Sector Deepening Mozambique held a publication launch event focused on their new report, Private Equity Investment Opportunities in Mozambican SMEs –Agribusiness Edition
. The event will bring together a variety of stakeholders to explore the role that private equity can play in empowering agricultural enterprises in Mozambique. 

* Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) – 4:00pm CAT (10:00am EST), online
DFI hosted a webinar focused on ‘People’s financial coping mechanisms’ and how the digital environment effects this.  During the webinar, a video on the topic will be shared and Ignacio will present and lead a discussion. Register for the webinar here.

CUTS International; Chittaurgarh, Rajasthan, India
CUTS International organized an outreach seminar on “Essential skills to access formal financial services", involving 60 women from village Ochri, Chittaurgarh, Rajasthan.  The objective of this seminar was to inform rural women about modes of accessing formal financial services and related financial inclusion schemes run by the government. Financial service providers, including bankers, are also expected to participate. This seminar will be led by CUTS Centre for Human Development (www.cuts-international.org/chd/), which leads grassroot initiatives at CUTS International (www.cuts-international.org)

Friday, October 21

Business for Social Change Zambia; Lusaka, Zambia; 9:00 am (3:00 am EST)
In Lusaka, Zambia, a group of about 30 representatives from the private sector and other key stakeholders, primarily bankers and technology service providers, gathered at a roundtable to discuss how corporate social responsibility (CSR) can enhance financial inclusion by developing appropriate products, services and technology and financial literacy strategic partnerships.  The Roundtable is being hosted by CSR Zambia a project of Business for Social Change - BfSC Zambia - a social enterprise which works with stakeholders including business, Government and civil society,  to integrate sustainability into strategies and operationsfor responsible and inclusive development for the benefit of all citizens.

One Network; Abuja, Nigeria; 10:00 am (5:00 am eST)
One Network held a small group discussion with 20 key players in the financial inclusion sector in Nigeria focused on the role of agent networks to expanding access for clients.

Harvard Business School Program at Accion; 10-11am EST; online webinar
HBS-Accion Program in Strategic Leadership in Inclusive Finance held an exclusive alumni webinar on innovations in financial capability.

* Innovations for Poverty Action; 10-11am EST; online webinar
Innovations for Poverty Action hosted a webinar showcasing the latest rigorous evidence on how digital products can help consumers overcome behavioral barriers. Register for the webinar here.

IFMR LEAD; 4:30-6:30 pm (7-9am EST); India
IFMR LEAD hosted a group discussion on emerging evidence in client protection and client centricity in digital finance, for stakeholders within its ecosystem.  The discussion will focus on identifying evidence gaps in research on consumer protection, and potential areas for collaboration between researchers, policymakers and service providers. 

Monday, October 24

Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) and Microfinance Opportunities; 11:00am – 12:00pm EST; Online webinar
CFI will host a webinar to highlight compelling new research emerging from the CFI Fellows Program.  During the webinar, Guy Stuart, CFI Fellow and Executive Director of Microfinance Opportunities, will share his research which assesses whether and how G2P payments increase formal financial inclusion.

Tuesday, October 25

Artoo IT Solutions Pvt., Ltd.; 5pm (7:30am EST); Bengaluru, India
Artoo IT Solutions Pvt., Ltd. will host a panel discussion on the ground realities of lending to small enterprises.

Thursday, October 27

Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority – 10am (4am EST); Cairo, Egypt
The proposed theme of this roundtable discussion revolves around microfinance challenges in Egypt; financing tools, reaching the unbanked; and disclosing Early Indicators.